Sagging of the breasts can occur after breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, over time to large breasts and in some cases due to inheritance. In this case too, it is of paramount importance to understand, both of us, the desired size so that the right technique can be used. My goal is always harmony and symmetry with the less traumatic techniques and smaller scars to achieve the desired shape and size. So maybe the large sagging breasts may need reduction and breast lift. In the case of empty and small sagging breasts, we can perform either only augmentation, using silicone implants, or/and combination of both techniques, as in the case of sagging large breasts which, however, don’t have volume.   Ανόρθωση στήθους The time required to recover depends on the surgical technique used, as in breast augmentation or reduction and always with the same advantages and disadvantages. These types of surgery are performed under general anesthesia or, depending on the case, only with local anesthesia or sedation. Ανόρθωση στήθους - Πριν & μετά 1 μήνα.