Acne is a chronic inflammation of the pilosebaceous gland. It is associated with hormonal changes that occur during puberty, but it is now quite common after the age of 30 affecting both sexes equally. The hair, sebum and keratinocytes accumulate in the hair follicle’s deferent duct, they clog it and block the flow of sebum from reaching the surface of the skin, leading to the creating of comedos. The purpose of the treatment of acne is to reduce the number of bacteria, to eliminate the clogging of the sebaceous gland pore and to optimize the quality and quantity of sebum’s production. The treatment applied in our clinic is innovative and as always includes combination treatments: I. Facial cleansing, from a certified esthetician, with the help of ozone therapy which is the basis for any treatment. II. Treatments with two different pulsed light lasers, of high and low power, which fight inflammation, sterilize the skin thoroughly and heal scars due to acne. Treatments are applied after cleansing as well as independently as appropriate. III. Treatments with medi-cosmetic healing cleansing products and readjustment of the sebum production’s function through specific medical massage. IV. Treatment, if needed, with antibiotics at home but also with products that will maintain the results of treatments made in the clinic. By all these treatment modalities, we achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.