Δρ Ντουντουλάκης Nektarios Dudulakis / Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Curriculum Vitae He graduated with honors from the Medical School of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ in 1995. After completion of basic education, by returning to Greece he continued his training in General Surgery for two years, in Intensive Care Units for eight months, in Urology for eighteen months, in Otolaryngology for six months and Thoracic Surgery in Orthopedics for six months. At the same time, he made his obligatory rural practice for two years in Chania. He commenced his training in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, in Athens General Hospital “G. Genimatas” and in 2006 he acquired the title of Plastic Surgeon. He was trained near the inoubliable Professor Ioannis Ioannovits and then near to Dr. Dimosthenis Tsoutsos in the wide range of Plastic Surgery which, among other things, includes Reconstructive Surgery – Microsurgery, Hand Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. Indicatively, Reconstructive Surgery – Microsurgery concerns correction of scars, trauma, chronic wounds, breast cancer rehabilitation, reattachment of amputated limbs, flaps, tissue transfer from one body part to another to restore defects due to injuries or genetic causes etc. Hand surgery concerns reattachment of hands, rehabilitation of fractures, birth defects of upper limb etc. concerns a large number of cosmetic surgeries on the face and body. Indicatively, facial surgeries include: rhytidectomy in face/neck (face-lift), blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, genioplasty, cheekbones increase, otoplasty, autologous fat transfer etc. Body surgeries include: breast increase/reduction/lift, abdominoplasty, liposuction, lipofilling at various points, thigh/hips lift, gynecomastia for men etc. Additionally, he specialized in the treatment of melanoma, mole digital mapping, in Burn Surgery and rehabilitation after burn injury and in the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome. Specifically he was trained and worked at the following hospitals:
  • In Chania General Hospital “St. George” he specialized in General Surgery, in Otolaryngology, in Urology and made a part of his training for Intensive Care Units.
  • In Athens General Hospital “G. Genimatas” he specialized in Orthopaedics and completed his training for Intensive Care Units.
  • At the General Hospital of Thoracic Diseases of Athens “Sotiria” he specialized in Thoracic Surgery.
  • He also made his rural practice in the mountainous and hilly areas of Chania in Crete in response to the difficult conditions of Greek countryside. 
In 2006, having acquired the title of Plastic Surgery specialty, he went back to Italy for further training, namely:
  • In the renowned center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Rome under the name «Center of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – Carlo Gasperoni MD» where he received further specialization in Aesthetic Surgery, body sculpture and hair implantation, next to the famous Italian-Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Prof. Carlo Gasperoni, with whom he collaborates until today.
  • In the top International Oncology Institute for breast cancer and its rehabilitation in Milan under the name «Istituto Oncologico Internazionale Veronesi per i Tumori e la Ricostruzione del Seno», next to the world-renowned oncologist doctor and candidate for the Nobel prize Dr. Umberto Veronesi.
Up to now, he is constantly updated on the latest developments of his science and participates in a series of advanced training and specialized seminars on the most modern techniques and methods in all areas of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, next to experienced and internationally renowned surgeons of our time. He was director of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Polyclinic of Lamia, in “Kianos Stavros” Clinic, in New Athenaeum-MD Hospital and responsible plastic surgeon in other clinics of Athens. He participated in the writing of Dr. Demosthenes Soutsos’ book, Director of Plastic Surgery of Athens General Hospital “G. Genimatas”, entitled “Burn Unit – Inhalation Injury”.
  • He is also a member of scientific societies (without limitation): The Athens Medical Association (ISA)
  • The Hellenic Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EEPEAX)
  • The Italian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery The International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)
  • The European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS)
  • The Hellenic Society for the Study of Melanoma (ELEMMEL)
Nektarios Dudulakis offers his medical services in Greece (Athens-Chania) as well as in Italy and Switzerland where he performs operations. He often visits well-known clinics in Italy (Rome and Milan) and Switzerland (Lugano-Zurich), where he is informed for modern techniques and treatments in his field. In Greece he cooperates with major medical groups, clinics and private centers of the country, always driven by the safety of patients and quality of health services. He maintains his private medical office in Athens which any person concerned can visit, by appointment. In this area, among other medical services, the “Center of Prevention and Treatment of Obesity” is operating. With his team and in collaboration with other specialties, such as endocrinologists, diabetologists, clinical nutritionists, psychologists, estheticians and ergotherapists, he uses the most modern medical equipment and new generation materials for lipolisis and skin tightening as regards the non-invasive treatment of localized fat. On the other side, his surgical and aesthetic interventions have impressive results that promote physical and mental health of patients in this category. He has performed over 1,968 successful operations as a surgeon and an assistant A and B during his training in plastic surgery in Athens General Hospital “G. Genimatas”. Thanks to many years of surgical experience he is also known to his patients for the physical results of his surgical operations, but also for the new, innovative, non-invasive methods used for both face and body, such as anti-aging, laser sessions for skin problems, hair implantation and treatment of hair loss, etc., with equally impressive and completely secure scientific results. Nektarios Dudulakis is also distinguished for his intense social activity, since 2008 he has established a prevention campaign against skin cancer entitled: “Prevention is better than cure”, providing open and free examination-mapping for those who are interested and concerns the prevention of moles possible progression in melanoma. To this end, actions are organized twice a year, in spring and autumn, with lectures and seminars in the peripheral municipalities of Attica, educational centers, etc. He has participated in various volunteer programs such as: first aid training of Samaritans, Rescuers and Lifeguards Sector of the Hellenic Red Cross for three years, in the Sailing Club of Chania and Youth Sports Clubs. He also offered his services to KAPI of Crete in programs for medical treatment in the third and fourth age, as well as in blood donations in municipalities and blood and organ donation associations. Until today he continues to offer voluntary services in various social activities of preventive medicine and information for children and vulnerable social groups. Indeed he has offered his text for theatrical performance with social objective of raising awareness among women and men for the prevention of breast cancer. Nektarios Dudulakis provides high quality medical services of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery with respect, understanding and undivided attention to his patients. Always with his personal commitment, in strict confidence, respect for nature, science and the uniqueness of each patient, he approaches and informs responsibly and reliably anyone concerned about cosmetic medicine and its benefits to modern man. Contact info: Medical Office Address: 1 Sarantaporou & 335 Patission (above the BP) Call center – Appointments: 210-2235410 / 6944 39 12 29 Email: Visits: Monday – Wednesday – Friday: 16.00-21.30