Cellulite and Loose Skin Fighting cellulite and loose skin with the revolutionary ultrasound machine CAVITATION and radio frequency RF. The cellulite treatment is performed in our medical office with the unique machine that we introduced in Greece and of which we have the exclusivity. It is the most modern high technology medical device capable of transmitting at the same time strong radio frequency RF and low frequency ultrasound CAVITATION. By the effect of the device, we have a strong thermal effect on deeper tissues and mainly in adipose tissue. Simultaneously by ultrasound CAVITATION, cavitation phenomenon is generated within adipocytes, small cells into adipocytes, leading to their final destruction. The innovative effect of CAVITATION-RF has impressive results in a number of difficult aesthetic problems such as cellulite and local fat as well as loose skin. The treatment lasts about forty minutes and 3-12 sessions are recommended, once a week, depending on the case. Results and their duration are seen after the second session. The result is definitive. The machine has 3 heads, two for the body and one for the face. In the latter case we have impressive results both with “lifting” programs and the “contouring”. It is effectively applied to eyelids, face contour and wrinkles.