Liposuction – Body Sculpting There are some cases where local fat which does not go away with exercise or diet is accumulated in some areas – points. The only direct way to tackle the root of the problem is the removal of localized fat by suction through a few small incisions, with immediate effects and without scars. When adipocytes are removed from an area, the fat that cannot be stored any more into them will uniformly be distributed throughout the body. The same fat removed from the area, after being specially treated, can be used as an implant to fill or shape other areas of the body that need it. Thus, a final solution is given to another problem in the same surgical time! After surgery, in all the liposuction surgeries, there is bruising and swelling that will be absorbed about one month after surgery. To ensure this result, it is necessary to use a tight corset for several weeks and avoid sun exposure. Due to the materials high technology by which corsets are manufactured, they do not warm and are not unpleasant to use, all year round even in summer. The surgery can be done as appropriate, under general anesthesia, epidural, local anesthesia with or without sedation.