Sometimes, over time, either due to genetically predisposition especially after weight fluctuation, or after failed liposuction surgeries where more fat has been removed, the result is sagging thighs. In some cases, when other non-invasive treatments have failed, the only way to overcome this problem is thigh lift, where we remove excess skin and fat. Incisions are made in inguinal-femoral plica and the inner surface of the thighs, where the problem is big. In this surgery, it is necessary to use the corset to support the operated area and the incisions to reduce scarring. The materials by which corsets are made are of high technology. So they don’t warm and are not unpleasant to use all year round. As with all surgeries, the scars will begin to “age” after the first year of the surgery. However, the use of homeopathic medicines and therapeutic and healing laser is of great importance here too. This operation can be done with epidural or general anesthesia.