The face is divided into three parts: the upper comprising the forehead and eyebrows, the media relating to the eyes, nose and lips and the lower comprising the chin and neck. The tertile which is going to be damaged first is recorded within the genes of every one of us. The aging damage is not necessarily made at the same time everywhere in the face. So I am usually called to confront aging “late”, when two of the three parts or all three parts of the face have already been damaged. My goal is to provide the face with the beauty of its age, removing wrinkles and excess skin or fat. But without altering the facial features in the attempt to regain the lost youth.   Facelift μετά από 3 έτη It usually needs to be combined with blepharoplasty at the same surgical time so that the overall renewal of the face can be achieved. There doesn’t exist a specific age for this surgery. As in most operations of this type, it is applied when there is a “need” and this depends on many things. What I recommend is if you encounter a problem with the signs of aging on your skin, cope with them as soon as possible, before entering on the “inside” of you and scaring not only your mood, but also the way you see yourself!   Facelift μετά από 1 έτος The recovery time is proportional to the extent of the problem and the surgical technique to be used to deal with it. Like all surgeries of plastic surgery, facelift, if made in a proper surgical way, has no pain. The stitches used are not obvious and need not be excluded. The removal of the swelling and any bruising, if and when appeared, is achieved by using special laser treatments, and by using homeopathic medicines it is ranging from five to seven days and you will be able to return to your activities. The face will however get its final form within three months to a year and it depends on your tissues. The bulk of the scars are well hidden into the scalp and behind the ears. Scars that are very obvious, can easily disappear completely with the help of laser treatment too soon, from fifteen days to one year, depending on your skin. These surgeries are performed by local anesthesia or sedation or, where appropriate, only by general anesthesia.