Firming applications

with the most advanced machine in Greece which is introduced only by us and which uses R/F with amazing results. This is a non-surgical method, compatible with all skin types. Fibroblasts are activated to produce hyaluronic acid and collagen. Thus the change is noticeable and continuous. The skin becomes smoother and tighter and has a more youthful appearance. It can be combined with mesotherapy through the TMT system. This treatment is distinguished by the intense effect of radio frequency into the skin, causing collagen production in a so effective way that it can be compared with surgical lifting!!!


“Get lost elasticity back into your skin!”

Procedure for Applying Therapy

With the most advanced RF RF equipment available in our clinic, stimulation / activation of fibroblasts – the cells that are responsible for the formation of collagen and elastin – is achieved to produce elastin and collagen again, which are the basics building materials for skin tightening. This improves the quality of the skin, offering skin tightening, elasticity and toning. The use of RF RF can be combined with other therapies for better results: a) With the mesotherapy machine, which helps to penetrate the active tightening components to the target cells by 4.400% more than any application to the skin. b) Also, reprogramming of all cells in the relaxed area can be aided by autologous growth factor (PRP) therapy. With a small blood collection, the active ingredients in our blood that our body uses to cure any lesions or injuries triggered their activation are isolated and activated. In this case, properly activated autologous growth factor (PRP) corrects by organizing and reprogramming all the cells in the area and in combination with the other treatments will give the best result. c) Additionally, the above tightening and revitalizing therapies are combined with VIBRO therapy, which will help activate lymphatic drainage both in the relaxation area and throughout the body. This results in better penetration of the active ingredients, better perfusion and drainage in the limbic lymph, which aggravates relaxation in the area.



Immediately after applying the above treatments, you can return to your everyday activities.


It is a non-invasive protocol adapted to your needs, compatible with each type of skin. The results are immediately visible and improved over time. They last for years, giving skin a smooth and firming, youthful look. Indeed, in some cases, depending on the age and quality of the tissues, it can even be compared with the surgical facelift!