The TMT Mesotherapy we use has amazing results in solving problems of aging and hydration, filling wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and age spots, cellulite and stretch marks. The TMT Mesotherapy we use is made by a special medical machine of latest technology, which has the potential to cause the stimulation of body’s growth factors in the skin, and in depth tissues by using different products and programs, depending on the problem we have to solve! It can be used for solving problems of aging, moisturizing, healing, filling wrinkles, for hyperpigmentation and age spots, cellulite and stretch marks. TMT mesotherapy can unlock the membranes of target cells, depending on the application, allowing the products of the treatment to penetrate into them and remain inside them! After application, because the membranes of the cells return to their normal state, they do not allow the ingredients we intentionally put into them to go out! Mesotherapy TMT is ideally combined with all treatments we use, such as the use of autologous growth factors, the Photorejuvenation, and the treatments RF! Because we always aim to combination therapies to solve a specific problem rather than a single treatment…

Mesotherapy is

a method by which we deliver product ingredients to a certain area of the face or body.


In many ways, from the past to the present day: initially with marmalade, then with the mesotherapy, with micro injections, with micronutrients, with specially expensive high technology machines, etc. In our clinic we use the most modern and effective methods that are: TMT Mesotherapy is done with the aid of a medical device, as it allows to penetrate the nutrients, which we choose for the needs of each skin separately, by 4.400% more than the applying a cream. During this application, it is naturally achieved, by changing the cell membrane polarity and by unlocking it, the high-tech medical nutrients are naturally absorbed by osmosis. When the application is finished, the cell membranes automatically re-lock and the products can not go out, they stay in the live active cell that responded to the stimulus, not the dead cells or the interstitial space, as with the use of a cream.


“hydration, antiaging, whitening, cellulite treatment and stretch marks


So we have created protocols that, depending on the problem of the particular case, are adapted in such a way as to have optimal results because we approach each problem from many sides and different ways which we discuss and decide together so that they will perfectly suit you! The treatments with autologous growth factors, which can be combined with mesotherapy TMT, are applied by using a small blood sampling from which the autologous growth factors isolated and they are activated with a specific process depending on the use for which they are intended, so that we can apply, besides the regenerating and anti-aging treatments, and injectable mesotherapies for wrinkle filling too, and your own beauty mask from your own activated growth factors! Moreover, always from the same small amount of your blood, we create your own cream which contains all those regeneration ingredients you need, from your own growth factors, maintaining the anti-aging results and then continuing the treatment at your home with your personal cream! The treatment program with growth factors is perfectly combined with the latest generation R/F SYSTEM in Greece, with results that you cannot even imagine! We are at your disposal to assess the needs of your skin and create an ideal treatment program for you, for a fresh, youthful and glowing skin!  

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