Mastectomy – Breast reconstruction after mastectomy In case that a mastectomy needs to be done, the operation must be performed from an expert plastic surgeon, in a such way that the healthy tissues to be maintained in order to be used for breast reconstruction, and the incisions will be made with purpose to not complicate the recovery due to position or size. The recovery process can be done either at the same time with mastectomy, where the disease allows it, or in a second stage, after completing the cancer therapies such as radiation, chemotherapy, etc. There are different surgical techniques to restore breast from mastectomy, which depend on the type of tumor that led to mastectomy, the surgical technique followed by the plastic surgeon who removed it and the post-treatment required by oncologists.

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In some cases,

at first, it is necessary to place a skin dilator to prepare the “case” gradually over the next three months and to create the appropriate space for the placement of the permanent implant. After placing the permanent implant, it must be stabilized and to get a permanent position in the next three to six months in order to determine the correct and symmetrical position of the new nipple compared with the healthy breast. Another technique is to shape the new breast using autologous tissues, i.e. tissues of the body which will be transferred in the area either from the abdomen, combined with abdominoplasty, or the back, or buttocks.

It should be noted that these operations, as they are large and difficult for the body, are only made if there is an absolute indication. In both cases, whether using an implant either using autologous tissue, shaping of healthy breast may be needed (breast reduction, augmentation, lift – described above) in order to achieve symmetry between the new breast and the existing one. These type of surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, except the formation of the nipple – areola cluster, which can only be done under local anesthesia or/and sedation

Before surgery
After surgery
Before surgery
After surgery

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