“Having a relaxed look you have a relaxed face!”

The eyes are the mirror of the soul; into these we “read” the thoughts, feelings, mood, fatigue and age of the person we have in front of us.

The area around the eyes is particularly sensitive, as the first signs of aging make their appearance there. The excess skin on the upper eyelids and the puffiness in the lower eyelid, the “bags” as we said, created over time, have many negative functional and aesthetic effects. First, they restrict the field of vision, on the other hand, they reveal our age or sometimes they greatly increase it, as our look appears tired and dull. The “bags” and the excess skin don’t allow eyes’ shape, expression and color to be seen well, removing the shine and freshness of the look.


“Having a relaxed look you have a relaxed face!”

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The removal of this “veil” by eye lift should be done in a way that doesn’t change the expression, matches the overall facial appearance as well as maintain the fullest of functionality of this important organ of the eye. Blepharoplasty may be performed only in the upper or only in the lower eyelids, or both together. It can be also combined with other facial surgery (brow-lift, face-lift, deviated nasal septum, rhinoplasty) or body surgery.


There is no age restriction for this surgery to be done, because it clearly depends on the genetically specified predisposition of the skin to age in the particular area. In fact, in some cases, when for example there is an absence of an exact correspondence between the upper or the lower eyelids, the operation needs to be done in a very early age


Eye lift is performed under local anesthesia or with sedation too and case only, under general anesthesia.


The incisions are almost invisible because they hide in physical folds. The sutures are removed in three to four days. With the development and improvement of my new surgical techniques, the help of homeopathic medicines and therapeutic healing laser, any bruising and swelling are quickly absorbed.


The recovery time is in most cases very short and ranges from five to fifteen days.


The result of eye lift is immediate, visible after a few days, long-lasting and makes your face look refreshed, relaxed and younger. You will enjoy the end result after only three months to a year as appropriate.
Before surgery


After surgery

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