orbid obesity

added with anxiety, depression and isolation that accompany it are the most dangerous scourge of this century … People who are unable to control their weight for different reasons, such as hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition, stress, problems, depression, today can finally cope with their problem, without exhaustive diets known from acquaintances or from internet or pills that have potentially dangerous side effects! In our group, composed of qualified nutritionist, a clinical psychologist, a general surgeon and endocrinologist, you can find the right solution to the problem of morbid obesity that, for years, you were unable to deal effectively by yourself! And after you finish and lose the pounds you need, then I will help you, if and when there is a problem in some areas, to regain the new look you deserve after the efforts you made.
In our medical office there are the most sophisticated machines for firming with the newest generation R/F SYSTEM in Greece, with visible results from the very first session. Additionally, for the remaining local fat, we have the newest generation machine that uses CAVITATION METHOD and the innovative Cryolipolysis fat freeze Slimming Machine that we first introduced in Greece. If both these technological means fail to meet your expectations for the problem that concerns you, then I will give the solution by surgery, in the remaining area, with smaller incisions.