Nektarios Dudulakis

Graduate of the Medical School of the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1995 with a degree in Excellence. After completing his basic studies, he returned to Greece for two years, in Intensive Care Units for eight months, in Urology for eighteen months, in Otorhinolaryngology for six months and in Orthopedic Thoracic Surgery for six months.
In parallel he made his Agricultural for two years in Chania. He was specializing in Plastic Surgery, Reconstruction and Aesthetics, at the General Hospital of Athens “G. Gennimatas “and in 2006 he obtained the title of Plastic Surgeon.

He was trained near to memorable Professor John Ioankovic and then in the whole spectrum of specialty of Plastic Surgery, which is very broad and includes, among others, the Reconstructive Surgery – Microsurgery, Acrylic Hand Surgery as well as Aesthetics Surgery.

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in addition to

he specialized in the treatment of melanoma, nail mapping (olives), Burn Surgery and post-burn recovery and treatment of diabetic foot syndrome.

More specifically, she was trained and worked in the following hospitals:

• General Hospital of Chania “Agios Georgios” specializes in General Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Urology and received a part of his training for Intensive Care Units.
• At the General Hospital of Athens “G. Gennimatas “specialized in Orthopedics and completed his training for Intensive Care Units.
• At the General Hospital of Chest Diseases of Athens “Sotiria” specialized in Thoracic Surgery.
• He also served his farm in the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of Chania, Crete, responding to the difficult conditions of the Greek countryside. In 2006, having obtained the title of Plastic Surgery specialty, he re-enrolled in Italy for further education, namely:
• At the famous Center of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Rome called “Center of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – Carlo Gasperoni MD”, where she received further specialization in Cosmetic Surgery, Body Sculpture and Hair Implantation, next to the famous Italian Plastic Surgeon Prof. Carlo Gasperoni, with whom he works until today.
• The leading International Oncology Institute for Breast Cancer and its rehabilitation in Milan under the name of “Istituto Oncologico Internazionale Veronesiperi Tumoriela Ricostruzione del Seno”, next to the world-renowned oncologist and Nobel Prize-winning doctor. Umberto Veronesi. Until today he is constantly informed about the latest developments in his science and participates in a series of training and specialized seminars on the most modern techniques and methods in all areas of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, next to experienced and internationally acclaimed surgeons of our time. She was the director of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery at Polyclinic Lamia, Cyan Cross, New Athenaeon-MD Hospital and plastic director in other clinics in Athens. He participated in the writing of Dr. Dimosthenis Soutsos’s book, Director of Plastic Surgery of the General Hospital of Athens “G. Gennimatas “, entitled” Burnout Unit – Intestinal Burn “.

He is also a member of scientific companies (indicative):
• The Medical Association of Athens (ESA)
• The Hellenic Society for Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery (SEMPEC)
• The Italian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
• The International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)
• The European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS) • The Hellenic Society for the Study of Melanoma (ELEMMEL)

Nektarios Duntoulakis offers his medical services in Greece (Athens-Chania), but also in Italy where he works. He is often visited by well-known clinics in Italy (Rome-Milan), where he is informed about modern techniques and treatments in his field. In Greece he works with the largest medical groups, clinics and private centers in the country, always with a view to patient safety and quality in the provision of health services. He maintains his private office in Athens, where everyone can visit, by appointment. In this area, apart from other medical services, the Medical Program for Plastic and Holistic Remedy and Rehabilitation of Obesity is functioning. Together with his team and in collaboration with other medical specialists such as endocrinologists, diabetes, clinical nutritionists, psychologists, aestheticians and occupational therapists, he uses state-of-the-art medical devices and new generation materials for lipodilution and tightening in terms of non-invasive treatment of local thickness. His surgical and aesthetic interventions have impressive results that promote the physical and mental health of patients in this category. He has over 1,968 successful surgeries as a surgeon and assistant during his specialization in Plastic Surgery at the General Hospital of Athens “G. Gennemats “. Thanks to his many years of surgical experience, he is known by his patients for the physical effects of his surgeries, but also for the new, innovative, non-invasive methods he uses for the face and the body, such as antiaging, laser sessions for skin problems, hair implantation and the treatment of hair loss, etc., with equally impressive and completely safe scientific results. Also, Nektarios Duntoulakis is distinguished for his intense social action, since 2008 he has established a campaign against skin cancer, titled: “Prevention is the best cure”, providing open and free assessment mapping for those who want it and refers to the prevention of the transformation of melanomas into olives. For this purpose, actions are organized twice a year, spring and autumn, with lectures and seminars in regional municipalities of Attica, educational centers etc. He has taken part in various volunteer programs such as: the first aid training of the Hellenic Red Cross for three years, the Sailing Club of Chania and the Sports Clubs of Young People. He also offered his services to the KAPI of Crete in programs for medical care at the third and fourth age, as well as in blood donations of municipalities and blood donors and organ donations. To date, he has continued to offer his volunteer services to various social activities of preventive medicine and information for children and vulnerable social groups. In fact, he has offered his text for a theatrical performance with a social goal that involves sensitizing women and men to prevent breast cancer. Nektarios Dudulakis provides high level medical services for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery with respect, understanding and unparalleled care for his patients. Always with his personal commitment, with absolute discretion, respect for nature, science, the uniqueness of each patient, he approached and informed responsible and reliable everyone interested in cosmetic medicine and its benefits to modern man.
Reconstructive Surgery – Microsurgery
Scar correction
Chronic wounds
Breast cancer recovery
Reconnect amputated limbs
Transferring tissues from one part of the body to another to repair deficiencies from injuries or genetic causes, etc.
Plastic surgery
It involves a large number of sensory interventions on the face and body
Face-lift (face-lift)
Increase of cheekbones
Fat autopsy, etc
Extreme Hand Surgery
It’s about reassembling hands
Restoration of fractures
Upper limb abnormalities, etc.
body surgery
Breast augmentation / reduction / recovery
Thigh / buttock aneurysm
Gynecomastia for men and others



Nektarios Dountoulakis has been providing volunteer services since 1995 In Activities for Children with Disabilities

  • In two elderly centers (KAPI) in Crete
  • In the first aid training of the Greek Red Cross ‘Samaritan Division, Rescuers and Lifeguards’ for three years) In the Chania football team (3 years)
  • At the Chania Sailing Club (first aid rescue)
  • In addition, he offers his services in Local Government and more specifically, participated in donations of municipalities and donor associations, Organ and Tissue Donation
  • Since 2007, it has launched the “Skin Cancer Prevention Campaign” entitled “Prevention is the best cure”, providing open and free opendays to those wishing and referring to it. Prevent melanoma from turning into olives throughout the year. Among other things, activities are organized twice a year, ‘Spring and Autumn’, with lectures and seminars in regional municipalities of Attica, educational centers, clubs and more.


She is a writer of children’s literature. In this context, he has provided his own texts to be used as educational material for Greece’s largest children’s organization “The Smile of the Child”

  • 2015 The text of “The Mindless Violet” has become a musical-theater show, with a charity aiming to raise awareness and prevent female and male breast cancer, and to support women with financial and insurance difficulties to recover. The premiere of this musical was staged on World Women’s Day at the Alkmene Theater, and was supported and supported by 33 patient organizations and associations as well as social organizations. Some of them were: – The Greek Medical Association of Athens – The Greek Cancer Society – The Greek Breast Society – Women in Oncology in Greece (w40-Hellas) – The Greek Pasteur Institute – Europa Donna Hellas –
  • On October 25, 2016 (International Breast Cancer Day), the free rehabilitation of a mastectomy patient completed by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Nektarios Dountoulakis and his team. All stages of the action were presented at the Volunteerism and Culture Festival at a day conference during the Money Show International Conference in Hilton Athens.
  • On September 25, 2016, she sponsored the 8th Greece Race for the Cure organized by the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer – ‘Jumping for Life’.
  • On November 19, 2016, she supported as a physician and friend of the Heart-Lung Transplant Association ” The Wisdom ” the Organ Donation Campaign and the ‘Athenaaut’ campaign. gr
  • Since 2016, it has been providing medical services to the “Home Start Hellas” organization for children and families with social and economic disabilities. To this day it continues to offer its voluntary services in various social preventive medicine and information activities for children and vulnerable social groups
  • On July 13, 2018, she presented the collection of tales “The Tales of Love” at the Athens Concert Hall. child care and protection. The stories were published in collaboration with the Athens Central Clinic exclusively for charity and books were donated to organizations in support of their actions.


Carpe diem – Grab the day

This section is written as a narration to the first person, as I feel that the heart and soul of a doctor cannot describe under dots and categorizations.

We spend most of our lives at work – so the work we choose should fit our desires and abilities. Personally, I consider myself lucky because I pursued a profession, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, in which I managed to combine, in a way, the two great loves I had from a young age: my love of medicine and my love of medicine. Good arts. The good news is that as I grow older, I feel more and more entitled to that choice! In this work I am called upon every day to give my best, to be creative, dedicated, disciplined, with no margins of error. In practice this means that much of my physical and mental energy is consumed in it. So for me the creative use of my free time is very important, it is the opportunity to regain the energy and vitality that I so much need for myself and my work. So, by adopting a holistic approach to life, I believe that the person who cares for his body, spirit and soul can live in harmony and emotional balance. So, I spend my spare time primarily with my beloved people, my daughter, who fills me with positive energy and love, and then with a series of activities and interests that give me physical health, mental clarity, and mental well-being; in short. improve the quality of my life. In practice I follow the motto of a healthy body physically healthy, which is why I love sports and sports. My love for the beautiful and the aesthetic is expressed through my creative engagement with art, such as painting. The cultivation of spirit through reading, music, contact with nature and travel. My love for fellow human beings is expressed through my social work as I volunteer my knowledge and services to those who need it.

My favorite activities:

  • Sailing. I hold a sailing diploma from the Panhellenic Offshore Sailing Club (POIAT) and a member of the Chania Sailing Club.
  • The sport riding. With my beloved horse (Klitschko) I have participated in equestrian overtaking races, and am a member of the Northern Suburbs Athletic Club (IOBOP).
  • The winter skiing (on slopes of Greece and abroad).
  • The mountaineering (with different mountaineering groups).
  • Painting, pottery.
  • I’m a fan of classical music and opera. I also love jazz and Latin music, as well as artistic Greek music.
  • I love literature and poetry. I am a writer, mainly in children’s literature, and one of my projects has become a theatrical performance for charity supported by 33 social organizations, organizations and patient associations
  • I am a volunteer physician in various organizations and associations.
  • I love traveling and discovering new places, cultures, languages ​​and people through them.