Spider veins are

among the most common aesthetic problems concerning women and men. Spider veins are dilated capillaries of the skin. The dilation of these vessels make them appear under the skin. They are appeared mainly in the legs and face, especially in women mainly during periods of hormonal disorders such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Heredity and standing play an important role in the expansion and appearance of spider veins. Modern laser enable a particular dose of energy to be absorbed solely by the pigment of the vessel. With our own laser we are able to attack the specific range and depth of the vessel in any skin color. The warming of the vessel results in its immediate destruction. The tissues and the remaining skin around the spider veins do not accept the minimum energy.


“Pure and smooth skin without visible vases!”

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The results are permanent and the veins that have disappeared not ever reappear. This procedure is painful during therapy and requires several sessions. However, the person may return immediately to his occupations.


With the laser we have in our clinic, we have the ability to “hit” this point, at the specific depth of the vase, on every skin type and color. In this way we act in the damaged vascular vessels of the sprout that appear on the skin and not in the healthy vessels, which nourish the epidermis and adjacent tissues. The increase in vessel temperature results in immediate destruction of the vessel, while tissues and skin around the spider veins do not take the slightest energy. Larger diameter spider veins may need to be treated, for a more direct effect, by injection into the vessel with a fine needle and the infusion of specific substances that cause thrombosis and eventually disappear. The procedure is a little painful and it is necessary to use a special tights or special sock immediately after the end of the treatment. The tongue will hold the inner envelope of the vessel wall stuck stuck with the cure. With this pressure, we help to weld the walls together and thus permanently destroy the sparrows. The use of the special tights or special sock is necessary for at least one week after application to feed the inner surfaces of the vessels. That is why the time period considered most appropriate for this treatment is from autumn to spring. There are cases where it is necessary to combine the above two methods and definitely repetitive sessions. The doctor will suggest the appropriate method for treating spider veins. It is preferable to treat the spider veins when they are still small and few, before getting bigger and bigger, to get rid of them faster and more easily with less hassle and fewer sessions.



Immediately after applying the above treatments, you can return to your everyday activities.


Spider veins are now directly and successfully treated. The results are usually evident from the time of treatment and will improve within the next few weeks. It is permanent and the veins that disappeared will not reappear. However, it is not excluded, if the causes remain, that new spider veins will appear in the same area or elsewhere.

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