with hyaluronic acid is the medical aesthetic practice in which the plastic surgeon, being an excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the face and body, can rejuvenate, to some extent, relaxation, fall, deep and fine wrinkles. It is injected directly under the skin to correct, fill the wrinkles and restore the facial volume. In particular, hyaluronic acid is a structural component of tissue collagen in all living organisms, which gives the tissues elasticity and firmness.


“We wipe out the wrinkles and re-shape the features in just a few minutes!”

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It contains proteoglycans, which have the property of retaining water molecules and giving volume and moisture to the skin. Hyaluronate, as a natural component of the skin, decreases / degrades over time, causing the skin to experience hydration and “breakage” problems. With constant muscle contractions in facial expression, subcutaneous fat is either shifted or destroyed, creating a space in place of this tissue in which the skin is fixed, creating a lozenge, that is, the well-known wrinkle. Hyaluronic is placed inside this space, filling the gap and destroying the wrinkle when it comes to wrinkles. More generally, if we want to give volume to an area, hyaluronate will give us the solution in a natural and immediate way.

Hyaluronate is used for correction:


the wrinkles of the mouth, forehead, face, midfoot,


of the nasal passages


the contour and the volume of the lips


of the contour of the face


of the nose contour (in some cases also replaces the surgery) of the shape of a region or organ such as the penis, the female external genitalia, the buttocks, the breasts, etc.

Before surgery
After surgery

PROCEDURE FOR TREATMENT: The procedure lasts about ten to fifteen minutes. The application of hyaluronate is simple and painless. It is injected using a very small needle. A small swelling may be visible for a few minutes or a few hours after application. Hyaluronate is absorbed / homogenized slowly and safely by the body, so after absorption by the body, treatment can be repeated, retaining the benefits gained in the first application, with safe and improved results.

REDUCTION TIME – APOTHERAPY: The recovery time is immediate. You can return immediately after treatment to your usual activities.

RESULTS – DURATION: The result becomes instantly visible and improves in the coming days. Its action is not permanent, as it biodegrades naturally, but it has a fairly long duration, over a year and a half depending on the age of the individual and the nature of the problem. Without surgery, untouched within minutes, at a very low cost compared to the result, we are given the opportunity to reform an entire site directly and of course for a long time. My goal in all injecting treatments is the naturalness of the effect and the non-alteration of the physical characteristics.

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