Cellulite and Loose Skin Fighting

with the revolutionary ultrasound machine CAVITATION and radio frequency RF. The cellulite treatment is performed in our medical office with the unique machine that we introduced in Greece and of which we have the exclusivity. It is the most modern high technology medical device capable of transmitting at the same time strong radio frequency RF and low frequency ultrasound CAVITATION.


“Cellulite: the eternal problem of women!

But there is a solution!”


Cellulite is created by floating adipocytes in the middle layer of the skin.

By the effect of the device, we have a strong thermal effect on deeper tissues and mainly in adipose tissue. Simultaneously by ultrasound CAVITATION, cavitation phenomenon is generated within adipocytes, small cells into adipocytes, leading to their final destruction. The innovative effect of CAVITATION-RF has impressive results in a number of difficult aesthetic problems such as cellulite and local fat as well as loose skin. The treatment lasts about forty minutes and 3-12 sessions are recommended, once a week, depending on the case. Results and their duration are seen after the second session. The result is definitive. The machine has 3 heads, two for the body and one for the face. In the latter case we have impressive results both with “lifting” programs and the “contouring”. It is effectively applied to eyelids, face contour and wrinkles.

At our clinic we have a new generation of machines destroying the surface adipocytes under the skin. In fact, we are one of the first to introduce this technology from abroad, we have acquired the best know-how and experience to use it safely and effectively. Ultrasound CAVITATION ultrasound and RF RF devices, with combination therapies, promise to fight cellulite and relaxation. This is the most modern medical device that with the special head is capable of transmitting at the same time high energy radio frequency RF and low frequency CAVITATION ultrasound.

Procedures for Applying Therapies:

By the action of the device we have a strong thermal effect in the deeper tissues, under the skin, and in the adipose tissue. Simultaneously with low energy CAVITATION ultrasound, the phenomenon of cavitation is created within the surface adipocytes, ie small air cells within the adipocytes, resulting in their permanent destruction. Therefore, the innovative combination effect of CAVITATION and RF leads to the smoothing of cellulite and skin tightening. The use of CAVITATION and RF when the cellulite and relaxation problem is extensive can be combined with other therapies for better results: a) With intensive tightening treatments with the special body head and the CAVITATION body, further contributing to abrasion and tightening the skin. b) If the problem persists, injectable interventions with high-tech medical products or even mediotherapy treatments are added, through which specific medical products, which I personally choose, penetrate the target cells by 4.400% more than any other non-injectable method the active ingredients penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. c) Additionally, after the above treatments are treated with the VIBRO medical device, which helps the lymph drainage and decongestion of the affected area and of the whole body. In all of the above we can add medical lymphatic massage by a special aesthetic physiotherapist working in our area. The number of sessions depends on the extent of the problem and varies per patient. The treatment is completely painless and absolutely safe



Immediately after applying the above treatments, you can return to your daily activities.


The results are immediately visible and improved over time. You realize that cellulite and relaxation can now be dealt with with the valuable help of technology, but also with our scientific knowledge and the great clinical experience we have.