Photolysis laser hair removal is

a completely safe and secure method for treating facial hair. The beam of laser light is selectively absorbed only by hairs’ melanin, thus achieving selective focusing of energy in the hair follicle and destroying it without affecting the rest of the skin or body

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The latest generation laser we use at our clinic allow us to choose the skin color, hair color and size, from very thin to very thick. So we can hit combining the parameters we want and possibly leaving others.

During treatment, those hairs that are in the anagen phase are influenced and not those in catagen or telogen phase. For this reason, it is necessary to make repetitive sessions to achieve the desired result. Laser hair removal can be applied to any age, men and women. Laser hair removal is done for aesthetic reasons, however, there are cases such as bursitis, especially common in women in the bikini area and in men’s barbae, and where in both cases, laser is the only medically appropriate treatment. The number of sessions is determined as appropriate and as hair weakens, intervals are growing, reaching two to three months to completely disappear.