Aside from the aesthetic or psychological problems that may be present in cases of enlargement or gigantomasty, many musculoskeletal and/or respiratory problems can be created, due to the weight of the breasts to the chest. This is why the enlargement or gigantomasty are treated as disease. Breast reduction is therefore done for many reasons. Due to the chronic problem they face, these women usually have the tendency to ask for small breasts, as revenge for all those years they were carrying them. So it is important to decide the right size that matches their body type.

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Also, you have to realize that, as a ‘fee’, there will be perhaps some scars because of the poor quality of skin in this area, which over time and with the help of laser treatments, they will soften. We try to achieve symmetry, although there is no total symmetry even in nature. The discharge of the weight and of all the health risks posed by this, combined with the significant improvement in the appearance of the breast, will reward you in full! The recovery period is relatively long as for some period of time, three to four months you will need to support your breasts with bra. The scars will begin to fade, depending on your skin, after the first year. There are of course, in this surgery too, aids, such as homeopathic remedies, therapeutic and healing laser, patches, creams and others, which may be used to improve the timing and quality of healing of scars.

The breasts reduction can be done after completion of the growth of the patient, in eighteen to twenty years. Personally I always delay radical decisions taken at a young age, until they take a mature decision. Except of course in cases where it is necessary, as in anisomastia, i.e. when there is an appreciable difference in size or shape between two breasts or gigantomasty. In these cases it should be done as soon as possible in order to avoid psychological and musculoskeletal problems. This type of surgery is performed under general anesthesia or depending on the case, only by local anesthesia or sedation.

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