Sagging of the breasts

can occur after breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, over time to large breasts and in some cases due to inheritance. In this case too, it is of paramount importance to understand, both of us, the desired size so that the right technique can be used. My goal is always harmony and symmetry with the less traumatic techniques and smaller scars to achieve the desired shape and size. So maybe the large sagging breasts may need reduction and breast lift. In the case of empty and small sagging breasts, we can perform either only augmentation, using silicone implants, or/and combination of both techniques, as in the case of sagging large breasts which, however, don’t have volume


“Down and empty breasts? You are not worth it! “

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In large and falling breasts, breast reduction and recovery are usually performed at the same time.

In the case of empty and falling breasts, it may be necessary to grow only using silicone inserts. And in the case of falling big but empty breasts, a combination of the two above techniques can be combined.

My goal, as always, is the symmetry and harmony of the breasts, giving the desired shape and size, using less traumatic techniques with the smallest marks.

As in all cases involving the breast, it is very important in the case of falling breasts to have two-way understanding and good cooperation between the patient and the doctor. All details, body proportions, age, general skin condition, etc., should be studied and together they should reach the desired size and shape so that the correct technique is used.

Anesthesia: The surgery is done with general anesthesia and in some cases with local anesthesia and drunkenness.



The time required to recover depends on the surgical technique used, as in breast augmentation or reduction and always with the same advantages and disadvantages.
Η σταδιακή επιστροφή στις δραστηριότητές σας μπορεί να γίνει, λόγω των χειρουργικών τεχνικών που χρησιμοποιώ, λίγες ημέρες μετά την επέμβαση, βεβαίως με προσοχή.


These types of surgery are performed under general anesthesia or, depending on the case, only with local anesthesia or sedation.


The recovery time depends on the surgical technique applied each time and is about ten to fifteen days, but does not mean totally abstaining from activities for that time.


The chest after this procedure gains a vigorous and youthful appearance, and this result, if there is not much weight change, is maintained for many years.

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