"Mesotherapy & cream made of your own growth factors"

The art of beauty’s science keeps surprising us. Now by a small sampling of your blood, I can apply the method of TMT mesotherapy to you, with or without mikro-needling, with a special machine that increases the introduction of autologous growth factors from the body into the skin. And not only that! From the same small amount of blood, we can make, with your own growth factors, your personal cream that will give your skin the glow and freshness it deserves. Finally, with the other growth factors, the “poor” part, we can create your personal beauty mask. The treatment program with growth factors is perfectly combined with the latest generation R/F SYSTEM in Greece, with results that you cannot even imagine!


Fresh, youthful and shiny skin!

The strong point of treatment is the absolute lack of side effects, as everyone is treated with their own blood. Autologous growth factors can easily be combined with other therapies that will also help them achieve their goal by giving either energy or stimulation or building materials to the cells in the area. For example, with the revolutionary TMT method of mesotherapy combined with the use of autologous growth factors, we achieve deep hydration, anti-aging and skin tightening, with protocols specifically designed for you and your needs, painless, bloodless and without side effects. Also, this specific growth therapy program combines great with the latest generation R / F SYSTEM, which also stimulates the area of ​​therapy for tightening and regeneration, with impressive and beneficial effects stemming from self-stimulation and autolysis of tissues. Not only that! From the same small amount of blood, I have the ability to make your own night cream and your personal beauty mask from your own activated growth factors, continuing your home treatment at bedtime with all those regeneration ingredients will render your skin glow, freshness and firmness. REDUCTION TIME APOTHERAPY: The recovery time is immediate. You can return immediately after treatment to your daily activities. In some cases, depending on the type of skin and the type of treatment, it may take a couple of days to get the skin back from the irritation that may be caused by the treatment. RESULTS – DURATION: The result is immediate and improves over time. The action of the method lasts for years. Your skin looks fresh, youthful and shiny, utilizing the most natural way you can, self-help.

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