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Living in a country with intense sunlight during most time of the year, even in winter, we often complain about the indelible marks, blotches and discolorations that are left on our skin due to sunlight. The well-known blotches or hyperpigmentation marks appear in more sun exposed areas of the face such as the forehead, cheeks and upper lips and hands. Pregnant women, women with hormonal disorders, or those taking birth control pills are particularly vulnerable in their appearance, whether having light or darker skin, although blotches seem to show a greater preference for the latter. The final solution to this problem is given by the “science of beauty” by the new generation laser, which destroy the blotches in all their depth, as they recognize damaged cells and kill them


The skin regains uniform appearance, soft texture and youthful glow

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These high tech machines allow a specific energy dose to be absorbed solely by the target of treatment without affecting adjacent healthy tissue. For example in the case of brown spots, the energy is absorbed by the target of melanin pigment in the cells of hyperpigmentation. For a more comprehensive treatment of blotches, spots and discolorations, the new generation laser applications are combined with the method of Mesotherapy without injections. In this way, the essential active ingredients are entering in the damaged cells, such as 4,400 times better than a cream, so as to retrain themselves in order to manage by themselves now the excess melanin. The results of new generation Lasers and needle-free mesotherapy are immediately visible, even from the first application and are improved over time. So if we don’t damage our skin or cause uncontrollable irritations but, instead, we provide it with nutrients, it gradually acquires a uniform appearance, smooth texture and youthful glow! Without pain, abrasion, irritation, inflammation and dangerous skin flaking, therefore, we continue our daily activities with ease. It is understood that the skin which, under certain conditions, has once created blothes, it will always tend to reproduce them. For this reason, it is always necessary to use all the well-known measures of sun protection.

Ways to deal with blotches


Avoid continued stimulation by taking greater precautions.


Use local bleaching products in the area of damage.


Treatments with medical whitening laser


Interferons with whitening products, ie treatments with special medical devices that help penetrate the regulatory products for the management of melanin in the affected area

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