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Plastic skirt The skull is a small film that is located at the bottom of the penis and connects the glans (the penis head) with the skin surrounding the trunk (the "penis" of the penis). It is a tissue that has no utility but which, after the opening of the bladder, drifts the lower part of it, altering the shape of the penis (penile flexion) and can create cavities that make daily hygiene difficult, as well as sexual act erectile dysfunction), while increasing the risk of infections. The calf usually breaks off gradually after the sexual activity of the man but often causes severe bleeding, acute or chronic pain, inflammations that can create sexual dysfunctions up to the fear of contact with devastating effects on the individual's mental health. Today all of the above can be avoided and addressed with the help of Plastic Surgery.

This is a low-cost and uninterrupted procedure, since the patient can return to his daily activities directly. Sexual intercourse is allowed after 3 weeks. Microarray is done with local anesthesia and with the help of special lasers, painlessly and without complications, a definitive solution to a problem with multiple dimensions is given. Circumcision Circumcision In most men in the resting state of the penis a quantity of small or large skin covers the glans. This skin, in normal conditions, easily moves and allows the discovery of the pelvis (the head of the penis). In the case when the mechanical movement of the skin backwards in erection mode, you do not allow complete uncovering of the pelvis or even worse or during the resting phase of the penis, there are various problems for the patient such as pain during sexual intercourse and not only, various infections, increased risk of sexually transmitted infections, paraffinosis (if the skin stifles glans during erection with painful complications up to the need for direct surgery), bad smell due to tration sebum why good hygiene weakness, sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, skliroatrofikos lichen, leukoplakia penis cancer. Circumcision is a low-cost procedure that can be performed without general anesthesia with immediate remediation of the problem, whether it is functional for reasons of hygiene due to premature ejaculation, failure to reveal the pelvis, or just aesthetic for reducing or eliminating excess skin depending on the will of the patient and the agreement of the plastic surgeon. The surgery is fast, bloodless and with the help of lasers fast healing is achieved and restoration without pain and scarring. Penile Elongation - Phaloplasty Since ancient times in all cultures, there is evidence of people's need for a penis of sufficient dimensions. This over the centuries to the time of "sexual liberation" that began in the fifties was tackled in a variety of ways. Nowadays, after fifty years of knowledge and improvement of surgical techniques and with the help of technology, we can give satisfactory results, depending on the case and the patient's problem. Phaloplasty is an intervention that occurs, as in all aesthetic type interventions, if the person concerned wishes for his own personal reasons to lengthen his male molecule and not because it is influenced by third parties (comrades, male models, mass media information, etc.). To the question of whether the size of a penis is important for the sexual act and the satisfaction of both partners, it has been shown that the two features are length and diameter, to be in normal size. This, of course, does not necessarily mean that the larger size brings more pleasure or satisfaction to sex. Generally, it has been determined that on average the size of a normal penis ranges from 15 to 16 cm and should only be modified if it can actually be described as small. There are of course cases where, for the person concerned, size is of great importance for psychological reasons. For this, it is important to set clear and distinct goals for both the indication and the expectations of the patient. Note that dealing with various formulations, such as creams and / or machines, has shown that only problems and complications can create. The only correct scientific approach to the problem is surgery. The elongation that can be achieved in surgery ranges from 3 to 6-7 cm depending on the case. Note that the patient's expectations should be closer to the average of the possible elongation because the results can not be accurately determined before the surgery, and this is because it depends on the quality of the tissue, which can be diagnosed only during the operation . Nowadays penis size surgery is a relatively easy and safe procedure when it is done by a team of experienced and specialized doctors of plastic surgery and andrology. The elongation process begins with a small three-centimeter incision on the scalp of the pubic area, whereby the anterior inner penis ligaments are reconstructed. The posterior connectors remain intact, thus maintaining stability along the penis. This technique does not affect the root (root) of the penis from which the urethral vessels and nerves enter. During surgery, no incisions along the penis are visible, as well as no grafting