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Youthful Look Without Scalpel – article by Dr. Dudulakis in «ELLE» magazine

By 17 November 2013July 23rd, 2019No Comments

Through the eyes we read the thoughts, the feelings, the mood, the fatigue, the age of the person we have in front of us.
Often eyes’ loosening and bags don’t allow us to see their shape, expression and color, removing the shine and freshness of our gaze.

Once scalpel was the only way to deal with the problem. Today, the aid of technology can do wonders! But let us explain in detail what “aged look” means: It is about the loosening of muscles throughout the area around the eyes and eyebrows in combination with poor skin quality. What is the solution? First we should mention what causes that problem.

Specifically: What are the factors responsible for skin and muscles aging?

• The inability of cells to obtain nutrients from the blood!

The solution:
Give them food in a way that will not cause the action – reaction phenomenon. This is done by TMT mesotherapy, which aims to feed in a painless way target cells with ingredients chosen specifically for the needs of your own skin. By this method we achieve a greater penetration of the active ingredients in the stratum corneum by 600%, in the epidermis by 1.200% and in the dermis by 4.400 %.
• The absence of stimulation, the “laziness” of cells in tissues.

The solution:
We use autologous growth factors taken by blood sampling, and then we activate and introduce them to different levels of the skin in order to reprogram cells so that they function in the same way as in their young age.

• The energy deficiency which prevents them from processing the information and the food we gave them.

The solution:
We provide energy with a special laser through photorejuvenation so that the cells can function and create all that they have stopped producing long ago. We can additionally stimulate them by RF radiofrequencies, which help in the synthesis of collagen fibers and thus provide firming around the eye area.

All the above treatments can be combined with targeted botox injections, if necessary, as well as the use of hyaluronic for filling the deep wrinkles, for comprehensive non-invasive results. By the combined, safe and targeted use of all the above, with scientific knowledge and without causing any reaction in the body, depending on the problem we have to address, we have now the possibility, with a reasonable cost, to maintain the youth of our face and eyes over time.