As in any case,

here too, I try to approach every problem I have to face by combinatorial methods, treatments, surgical techniques. We have the first and unique machine “Cryolipolysis fat freeze Slimming Machine” that exists in Greece which it has been introduced just by us. With few sessions, it creates PERMANENT apoptosis of adipocytes. It has a special head, by cooling of subcutaneous fat to -40 C in a great depth as never happened! Just because it is an invasive method, we cannot have many applications in the same area and each one should have an interval of two months from each other! In conjunction with CAVITATION METHOD, by which we have a superficial and moderately deep destruction of adipocytes, we achieve results similar with those of surgery but without a scalpel!


Say goodbye to the local thickness,

painlessly and bloodlessly!

The CAVITATION METHOD is selectively targeted to adipocytes, destroying their cell membrane, thereby releasing their content. The fat is excreted harmlessly through the natural metabolic processes of the body over time. Each session lasts between 10-30 minutes and the number of sessions depends on the problem and varies per patient. The CAVITATION METHOD, as the “Cryolipolysis fat freeze Slimming Machine” can be applied all over the body, and the most popular areas are the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, arms and buns. It concerns men and women who have fat deposits in areas that no diet or exercise can eliminate. In these treatments it can be added if there is loosening and thus firming is necessary. The R/F SISTEM is the solution for safe and permanent loss of points from the very first application. Each one of the above applications continues to keeps running for at least three months, time a required period for the absorption of dead adipocytes. This revolutionary combination liposculpture-lipodestruction and firming method eliminates the local fat from the very first session without the need for surgery.  


Cryolipolysis method with Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Slimming Machine,

using different heads and programs, depending on the area and extent of the problem, freezes the adipocytes without causing damage to the surrounding tissues, resulting in the gradual necrosis of the adipocytes and then their apoptosis from the body. At the beginning of the application the patient has the feeling of cooling and a gentle pull, which subsides after a few minutes. The gradual decrease of temperature leads to analgesia and thus the application is not unpleasant. The number of adipocytes in the area is decreasing, the fat layer shrinking, resulting in a significant improvement in body shape in the area.


causes the phenomenon of cavitation in the cell membranes of the adipocytes and thereby destroys the adipocytes in the area of ​​application without destroying the supernatant skin or other tissues. Both treatments aim at destroying cytolipid tissue (fat loss) rather than emptying the adipocytes (lipodilution). After application, dead adipocytes remain in the area and degrade gradually over the next two months after each application. Therapies should be combined with lean nutrition. The cryolipolysis and CAVITATION treatments can be combined with injectable or non-injected mesotherapies. Thus, special disposable medical products can be injected into the area of ​​local thickness (injectable mesotherapies) or infiltrated with a special medical device (non-injectable inter-treatments), up to 4.400% more than a single spreading. This causes the active ingredients to penetrate into the chorus, the very important tissue under the skin, through which we reach the deeper layers when we do body therapies. In addition to the above treatments, the VIBRO machine, combined with local massage by a specialized aesthetic physiotherapist, activates lymphatic drainage throughout the body and especially in the application area. Upon completion of the above treatments, fat is eliminated safely through the body’s natural metabolic processes over a period of about two months. Each session lasts from ten to thirty minutes depending on the extent of the application, and the number of sessions depends on the extent of the problem and varies per patient.



Immediately after applying the above treatments, you can return to your daily activities.


The results are immediately visible and gradually improved over time. Applying for your problem a personalized protocol of treatments, we can achieve natural lip gloss without a scalpel.