With the passage of time

the constant changes in weight and due to prolonged sunlight in our country and pollution, our skin is gradually damaged. Today, advances in technology, both in terms of materials and equipment, can effectively help us to maintain youth and beauty.

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In our clinic you will find the newest generation machines and my trusted and discreet associates, who, guided by me, will apply to you treatments with combination products and programs that will solve the problem of your skin. Hydration is achieved by the revolutionary method of TMT mesotherapy. Without injections, pain, bruising. With the aid of a high-technology machinery, the active ingredients that we use, penetrate further into the target cells. There we achieve: – 600% greater penetration in the stratum corneum, – 1200% greater penetration of the active ingredients in the skin – 4400% greater penetration of active ingredients into the dermis. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes. With this method of TMT mesotherapy, the products of each treatment enter into the target cells and supply them with all the necessary ingredients that they need and don’t produce anymore. By the end of the application, the products remain “trapped” inside the cells in order to be exploited to the fullest extent. Thus, we achieve, according to your needs, deep moisturizing, anti-aging and firming, painless and bloodless. Your skin directly shows fresh, youthful and glowing. By the method of TMT mesotherapy, the products are entering into the cell and not in the intercellular space or in the surface as with creams. Therefore, the direct effect is only the beginning that will improve over time, since the cells will have now everything they need to stay as much young and healthy as possible.

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