“Our facial features
reveal our personality!”

Rhinoplasty is

usually a complex operation in which I am called to correct a functional problem which is not seen, but often causes a cosmetic problem that is apparent. So first we ensure functionality, i.e. breathing with the restoration of the nasal septum, if there is a problem, as in the case of fracture after an accident, or a congenital anomaly that is from birth. Then after we I place the bones and the septum in the right position in order to release the air passage, then I have to address the aesthetic problem. There are of course many cases where the problem is purely functional or only aesthetic, so it is treated separately.


The nose is a central element on the face and has too great importance not only for the facial harmony but for the expression too, i.e. in what we call “personality”! So you can see how important it is to keep its “personality”. When I am called upon to improve the look of it, I always try not to alter the characteristics of the face making something different, fake or strange! My goal, therefore, is not to create an amazing nose, but to convert as much as possible an ugly feature to a charming and personal one! In that way, no one understands what has changed and the face has become so beautiful. To achieve this goal it might need to form bones, cartilage, or even sometimes nostrils. The techniques that I use are almost bloodless, without bruises, casts and fractures that weaken the architecture and stability of the nose. My philosophy is that the less we interfere in the tissues, the less reaction you cause and therefore you have the best results in the shortest time.

The recovery period regarding the functionality, if there is such a matter, is fast. After the tampon’s removal, that is to say the third day. While for the appearance, with the help of homeopathic medicines, high-tech healing laser and similar surgical techniques, recovery time varies from five to fifteen days so that swelling and any bruising disappear. Of course, it will have its final form after one year. Usually this surgery is made through the nostrils by small hidden incisions, so that there are no visible scars and sutures need not be removed. The appropriate age for undergoing this surgery is after the completion of the development, i.e. eighteen years. This type of surgery is performed under general anesthesia or where appropriate, only by local anesthesia or sedation.

“My goal in rhinoplasty - scoliosis of the nasal septum is not to make an amazing nose, but to turn as well as possible an ugly feature into charming and highly personal! Success is no one realizing what has changed in the person, but generally seeing it more beautiful. In order to achieve this goal, it may be necessary to form bones, cartilage or, sometimes, even the otitis.”



A suitable age for a rhinoplasty surgery to be safely is after the age of eighteen, that is, after the completion of growth.


Usually this surgery is done by the ossicles internally through hidden small incisions, so there are no visible scars and the stitches do not have to be removed. The restoration of nasal function after surgery, if any, is immediate, that is immediately after removal of the tampon, ie the third day. While with the help of homeopathic medicines, high tech laser healing and similar surgical techniques, any swelling or bruising is removed.
In my surgeries, 9 out of 10 cases of nasopharyngeal scinoplasty, the next day after tampon removal, that is, just four days after the surgery, there is no recognizable swelling or bruising by someone who does not know you. Because of the inappropriate techniques I have evolved, not even gypsum, regardless of the extent of the surgery. Percentage, only one in a thousand cases is required to place a plaster splint!


This type of surgery is done under general anesthesia or, as the case may be, with local sedation or intoxication when it comes to correcting only some detail.


The recovery time varies from five to fifteen days.


The nose after rhinoplasty or restoration of the nasal septum will take its final form after a year.
Before surgery
After surgery


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