Anxiety, daily stress, genes, hormones, seasons affect the amount of hair loss, leading slowly but surely to hair thinning, now not only in men but also in women! Therefore, as hair loss is affected by all these factors, I have studied a very complex and sophisticated protocol specifically for men and for women separately. This protocol includes, depending on the problem and sex, different, targeted therapies such as by pen qiur, autologous growth factors, autologous mesotherapy, heterologous mesotherapy, applications with special medical laser with programs for hair loss and specialty products! Scientifically and seriously, with few applications, both for all those who do not want an invasive solution and for those who want the immediate solution of surgery, today we are able, through these treatments, to stimulate the hair follicles that are still alive in order to increase in maximum the density of hairs on their head!

“Ultimate solution against hair loss painlessly and without marks!”

Without reservation I can say that if there is a hair follicle still alive and there is a chance to grow hair, it will do ti by these targeted therapies! While strengthening and revitalizing the damaged hair follicles, all hair on the scalp will benefit from these therapies, even those surgically implanted gaining gloss, shine, thickness and strength, very soon! It is also observed that after these treatments, the number of white hair is also reduced because of the improved health of the hair follicles and scalp! We are available to assess your problem of hair loss and choose together the treatment that most suits to your needs scientifically and seriously 

Before surgery
After surgery

Today, with these therapies, we can stimulate what hair follicles are still alive to maximize hair density, choosing each time the most appropriate treatment method per case, whether the non-invasive solution is preferred, or preferring the immediate solution of the surgery , always with scientific and seriousness. In addition, along with the strengthening and revitalization of problematic hair follicles, all hair on the scalp will benefit from these therapies, even those that are implanted surgically, gaining gloss, thickness and strength. It has also been observed that the number of white hairs after these treatments decreases because of the health of the hair follicles and the scalp.

Even if there is even a hair follicle alive and a chance to give it hair, with the targeted treatments I apply, I can absolutely guarantee that this will happen! We are at your disposal to evaluate the hair loss problem that concerns you and to choose the treatment that best suits your needs, with excellent results.

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