Now it concerns both men and women!

It is a surgery with great and direct long-lasting results. I have chosen to use only the method which is performed by taking graft from the back area of the scalp. A method originally taught by leading pioneers in Greece and abroad and then I modified myself with great results!


“Rich and healthy hair is a symbol of youth and beauty!”

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First, I always ensure that the incision in the donor area doesn’t leave traces. If, however, a scar is produced by the body on a certain area, because of the location and shape, I ensure that it looks like a small scar from an accident without being seen from a distance, as we usually see. Furthermore, implantation of each hair separately is made in such a way that looks natural in her new position as if he it was born there. Meanwhile, I examine other factors for the shape of the new hair growth, such as age of the patient and the possible continuation of alopecia in the coming years, so that no “suspicious” gaps are created around the site of transplantation.

Moreover, immediately after surgery, I use a special advanced technology laser for faster feeding of the surgical wound, for rooting & empowering of the new implanted and the already existing hair follicles with specific contours.   The advantage is that the transplant site fills immediately with new hairs. In a very short period of time, three to six months, the hairs grow and will last as much as if they had remained in the area from which we got them, the donor area. By the laser treatment and the new hairs implanted, we have a very nice and natural result in this area, that is to say, hair that is seen, grows and behaves naturally in time. In some cases, when there is a big problem, it may take more than one session in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

IMPRESSION OF OPHRES (FROGES) "True eyebrows forever"

The recovery time

The recovery time with the help of homeopathic medicines and therapeutic healing laser is from three days to a week after surgery, in order to get rid of the swelling and irritation at the site of transplantation. This “problem” of course can be covered with a cap since the second to third day. Sutures exist only in the donor area, i.e. the back of the scalp, they are not shown because they are hidden by the hair of the area or your cap and are removed after ten to twelve days. The surgical operations of this type are performed only under local anesthesia or sedation depending on the case.


Hair implantation can only be done with local anesthesia or with a slight nausea, as the case may be.


The new hair follicles are thought to have been "rooted" two days after surgery, and the recovery time with homeopathic remedies and healing medical healing lasers is from three days to one week after surgery to pass swelling and irritation in the area implantation.


Thanks to this technique the implantation area is filled directly with new hair. These, in a short period of three to six months, become hair that they will hold as long as they were held, if they had stayed in the area from which we took them, that is, the donor country.

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