is performed in order to correct the appearance of the empty, small and drooping breasts. This is accomplished by placing silicone breast implants or fat, which can be implanted with different techniques depending on the needs of each incident.

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The increase in breast size is achieved

My goal as always is the harmony and its achievement with the most atraumatic techniques, as much technically difficult as they are! For this reason it is essential to work with the patient so that the desirable and aesthetically correct size is understood by both of us. The big advantage is that there are techniques that ensure amazing and instant results with very small scars in hidden places. For example, under the breast in the ypomastio fold, either “peripapillary”, i.e., in the transition point between the breast skin and skin around the nipple, or from the armpit area, regardless of whether the implant is positioned under or over the pectoralis major muscle.

“My primary objective, as always, is to achieve a harmonious result, using the most invaluable techniques, however difficult they are technically! The great advantage is that there are techniques that provide amazing and immediate results with very small scars in hidden spots. For example, either under the breast, in the underlying fold, or around the nipple halo, i.e. at the transition point between the skin of the breast and the skin around the nipple, or in the axillary region, whether the insert is placed below or above the major thoracic muscle.
In any case, the good cooperation between the doctor and the patient, the correct choice of the exact size, shape and type of the inserts, as well as the method of their placement is of great importance in order to make it completely understandable by both of which is desirable and aesthetically right result.”



Breasts augmentation can be done after the completion of the growth of the patient, in eighteen to twenty years, although I always try to delay radical decisions when taken at a young age. Except of course the cases in which it is necessary, as in anisomastia, i.e. when there is significantly big difference in size or shape between the two breasts, or in cases where the breasts are almost nonexistent. In this case it should be done as soon as possible in order to avoid psychological problems


The recovery time to return to your activities is short, only a few days. It will take them a half month physiotherapy – massage and lasers in the clinic, which must be done so that I can ensure the normal ‘plasticity’ in the texture and appearance of the breast, and the avoidance of “scar tissue”. You have to continue massages on your own for at least three months. As all operations in plastic surgery, it is not a bloody or painful opeation and hence the mobilization of the patient is made immediately.


These types of surgeries are performed under general anesthesia or, depending on the case, only with local anesthesia or sedation.


The recovery time ranges from about seven to ten days.


Breast augmentation, one of the most widespread interventions, gives the woman a rich and strong bust, enhancing her self-confidence and femininity. The result is immediately apparent, though it is required, as in all interventions, to take about one year to see the final aesthetic result.

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