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With the help of science we can maintain our health, youth and beauty!


Body therapies

Sometimes there was only the lance! Today, however, there are solutions that are easy,
bloodless and at a low cost.


They often ask me what is the appropriate age for someone to start making changes to their appearance. There is no answer to this question, as the appropriate time varies from person to person.

The aging of the skin on face and body progresses gradually, but the rhythm is different in each individual and therefore each case is treated individually.

They also ask me what the secret of a successful aesthetic intervention is. The answer is complex as it is a function of many and varied factors.

Undoubtedly, knowledge, experience and craftsmanship are virtues very important for a plastic surgeon. Plastic Surgery is also a combination of art and science!

Nektarios DudulakisPlastic Surgeon

The specialty of Plastic Surgery is historically one of the oldest medical specialties in the world, recorded in Indian papyri from the 5th-6th century BC, the range of which is very large and perhaps unknown to the general public. The term plastic originates from the ancient Greek verb I mean what I mean, I give a certain shape, form, shape and this term prevailed internationally (Plastic Surgery).


At the same time, the key to success lies in the relationship of trust between the doctor and his patient. Together, they discuss the patient's expectations, the necessity of the intervention, the difficulties of the intervention itself, so that they know in advance what they can expect, jointly seeking the best possible result that will satisfy both. .


Plastic Surgery is composed of Reconstructive - Microsurgery and Aesthetic Surgery. It is the specialty of medicine that deals with the restoration or improvement of damaged tissues or defective organs of the body, which may be due to either genetic or acquired causes (eg due to trauma, degeneration, disease, obesity or physical deterioration time) and is for functional or aesthetic reasons. Every plastic surgery is intended to both aesthetic and functional harmony.


Sometimes there was only the lance! Today, however, there are easy, bloodless and low-cost solutions that can not only delay, but also improve the signs of time. With the help of science and the use of hi-tech on a new generation of materials and machinery we can maintain our health, youth and beauty!Naturally, nothing holds forever! As we do not always guarantee our need for food after a great dinner in an amazing restaurant, as our body needs to constantly replenish what it consumes, so our skin needs constant care!

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Our services cover the whole range of interventions, both invasive and non-interventional. Solutions are easy, bloodless and at a low cost, which can not only delay, but also improve the signs of time.




Only for men


Only4Men is the new medical program of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery clinic Nektarios Dudulakis and covers all the medical and aesthetic services designed exclusively for men.

Invasive and no invasive therapies for face

The treatments presented below are performed in both men and women, but the different ones are the goals for the expected outcome. In the case of men, on the one hand, the structure of the male person is different and thus the surgical techniques are somewhat differentiated, and on the other we aim to maintain the masculinity and natural charm of the male face.

Invasive and no invasive therapies for body

Body image, whether we admit it or not, is an important aspect of the image we have for ourselves. In today’s societies the concept of man’s masculinity, power and social acceptance is closely linked to his external image and, above all, to his body and his relationship with him. For decades plastic surgery for the improvement of the male body has stopped being a taboo for both men and women. Remedies to rehabilitate after obesity or simply to waste time.

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Because we all deserve and we have the right to be fabulous!

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My respect and my love for an amazing scientist and man who has the gift of immediacy and excellent approach with his clients. You see some have this gift that is inherent and is a gift of God. Congratulations also to the tireless and remarkable associates of the practice that assist Mr. Duntoulakis in his work in the best way. An excellent team with the expected perfect results under the guidance and supervision of a top in the field and the type of physician.

Adam H.

A pioneering doctor, a miracle doctor, solved the subject with the seamless face and without leaving my job, which no one could. And most importantly a perfect result. Thank you doctor!

Chris Z.

He is the best at his work!!!

Dimitris Z.

Because Dr N. Dudulakis is a modest person, I shall Keep this review on a rather moderate level. I became his patient, 7 months ago and he performed a rather delicate surgery on me.
Since then, I was under his highly professional team as well as his own close and tender attention. To him, each and every patient, is a unique individual.

Lena S.

Trust him, he knows and he wants to help!!!

Helen S.

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