“Our ears surround our facial contour!”
Ears go unnoticed when they have normal size, position and shape. When this is not the case, they are the first to be noticed on a face, overlooking the other facial features. In these cases, otoplasty is needed. Both aesthetically and functionally, in the rare cases of agenesis of the pinna, or where pinna doesn’t exist due to amputation or in case of malformations after injury, the problem becomes immediately apparent and the treatment varies depending on the case.

Otoplasty corrects these ear defects and malformations, i.e. changing the size, shape and position of the ears. Indeed, the aesthetic restoration of prominent ears (protruding ears) contributes significantly to the patient’s confidence and restores harmony to his facial features.



Congenital pinna deformities can be treated early enough, shortly before the child goes to school, that is the fifth year of his age to avoid psychological trauma


Otoplasty is performed under local anesthesia or sedation. Depending on the case, it can be also performed with general anesthesia. Postoperative rehabilitation: In otoplasty, there are no scars, but even if your body creates any, these are well hidden in the fold behind pinna and due to the good quality of the skin area they usually disappear soon. The sutures, if any, are removed after seven to ten days. Furthermore, we use homeopathic medicines and therapeutic healing laser.

Recovery time – Rehabilitation:

The recovery period lasts for one month where you will need to wear a special bandage overnight.

Final result:

The ears get their final shape and position after six months to a year, however, the result is satisfactory since the first weeks and it is permanent.


Ears take their final form and position after six months with one year, however, the result is satisfactory from the first few weeks and is permanent.

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