Because we all deserve to look good!

The World Health Organization recognizes obesity as a disease and describes it as abnormal or excessive accumulation of body fat that can adversely affect a person's health. This is a clinical condition and is one of the most serious problems as it has been shown that the above-mentioned weight affects and develops various diseases, physically and psychologically. The treatment of local fat accumulation is necessary not only to give a better picture to body but also to respond to serious obesity-related health problems. Obese patients are confronted with problems such as hypertension, metabolic problems, diabetes mellitus, the appearance of various forms of cancer associated with obesity, musculoskeletal problems, etc.

Finally, it should not be overlooked that storing large amounts of fat in various parts of the body can lead to poor functioning of vital organs such as heart, nerve, liver, with extremely dangerous effects on the patient's life. To address all of these obesity-related problems, Nectarios Duntoulakis, a plastic and rehabilitation surgeon, has created a new pioneering medical program for "fitness". It covers all medical services of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery for the holistic treatment of medical and aesthetic problems, local or total thickness and the inability to lose weight. Our vision is the medical multidimensional support to overcome obesity and the problems that arise from it, with a human-centered orientation and a scientific approach. More about this program can be found at the following site: